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Russell Kinder russmax at
Wed Jun 23 15:23:23 PDT 1999

Thanks, Signy.

   Mooneschadowe (and the northern region) has a blank slot around
Valentines Day, and a perfect site for a ball. I've had it in the back
of my mind to do a ball as a one day event with prep classes beforehand
during the afternoon and the ball that night.  The understanding would
be that dances wouldn't have walk-throughs during the ball. If you want
to know how to do the dances, go to the classes. You can do maybe 30 or
40 dances in an evening if there are no walkthroughs.

   We're far enough apart, I don't think we'd be stepping on each
other's toes if we had ours around Valentines, and you had yours in
early spring.

   Let's see, that would leave a blank span from late June to February. 
July is too soon. August is too hot, and it's Pennsic. The fall tourney
season would make it difficult to do anything in the Sept/Oct.
timeframe. If someone in, say Bryn Gwlad would hold a ball in November,
we'd be set, I think.

   At least two of us from Mooneschadowe are coming to Lindenwood this
weekend. There would probably be more, but we're pretty exhausted from
King's College. The ball at King's College was a smashing success, BTW.

   Do you mind if I post this missive to the Anst. dance list?

In service,

Signy wrote:

> There will be about ten or more of us coming up to the MidSummer Ball in
> Lindenwood this Saturday. What a joy to have just a dance event. I've been
> thinking that if various areas could host just a dance event or even a
> one-day classes and dance event every quarter of the year--we'd get more
> dance going! 
> I'm checking around locally to see if any group wants to plan one for early
> Spring. I'd tackle a Harvest Ball but the Renaissance Festival will be going
> on then and that's our big "goings-on" that keeps us fairly busy in October
> and half of November--and then it's the holiday season.
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