AD - Some Charter adjustments.

Russell Kinder russmax at
Tue Jun 29 13:47:36 PDT 1999


   It was pointed out to me at King's College that it might not be
period to have the Charter Members' signatures on the Charter with the
Crown's signature. Ihon has studied it a bit, and after further
discussion, we think it might be appropriate to leave behind the idea of
"Charter Members" altogether. It was pointed out that it is gratuitous
elitism to make a division between charter members and members that join later.

   So, the proposal is to scrap the idea of "Charter Members" with our
signatures on the charter. Reason #1: Charter Members' signatures on the
Charter along with the Crown's doesn't seem to be a period practice.
Reason #2: Differentiating Charter Members from those who join later is
elitism for no reason.

   Comments are invited.

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Hon. Lord Guillaume de Troyes
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