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Russell (russmax at said something that sounded like:
>  C. The Proctor is chosen by a simple majority of the votes cast by
> Guild Members. The vote is counted at a designated official Kingdom
> Calendar event, announced to all Guild Members at least one month in
> advance, in the Black Star or by newsletter, and by electronic
> communication.

While I agree with this, there is something people need to realize,
particularly the Proctor. In order to do this, it has to be to the
Kingdom Chronicler 2 months in advance.

> An absentia vote is a
> letter sent by an absent Guild Member specifying how their vote should
> be cast on a particular issue or election.

I think definitions like this should be kept in the back of the By-Laws
as a glossary. This allows you to define it once and use it multiple
times throughout the document without people having to search for the

>  D. The Proctor's term of office shall be one year. No Proctor may be
> elected to more than two consecutive terms. 

This is good.

How is a proctor removed from office early?


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