AD - Re: Kingdom Dance Charter roster

Russell russmax at
Thu Jun 24 03:38:36 PDT 1999

Let me clarify something.

   I don't mean to detract from this upcoming Kingdom Dance. I would
come down and teach myself if it weren't for a dear friend's wedding
being the same day. I'm referring to Kingdom Dance events in FUTURE
years. I encourage everyone who can to trek to La Marche Sauvage for
Kingdom Dance. Support dance in every way you can.

Russell wrote:
>    Well, we were talking about having local balls, so Kingdom Dance
> being in August isn't what we're discussing.
>    On the other hand, perhaps August isn't a good month for Kingdom
> Dance. It's hot and that's when Pennsic is. And then it's only 6 months
> until Feb, which would be too soon for Mooneschadowe to host Kingdom
> dance in the slot that it has available. A regional ball would work well
> for us, though.
>    Perhaps the best thing to do for Kingdom dance would be to altenate
> which regional ball Kingdom Dance replaces each time.
> Guillaume
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