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Kelly Erickson elinthetimid at
Thu May 6 08:59:03 PDT 1999

The duties of the Proctor look OK to me. One thought: Should we add
>to the Proctor's duties something about putting on the Kingdom Dance
>event? Should they autocrat it? Should they help pick the autocrat?
>Should they simply make sure that the guild works well with the autocrat of 
>the Kingdom Dance event? Should they seek groups to host this event, if no 
>one is volunteering? Should that event be annual or bi-annual?

I think making the Guild Proctor responsible for Kingdom dance is a bad idea 
(sorry, Guillaume). It's redefining the position from one that is largely 
secretarial to one that requires a lot of work and skills that everyone may 
not be able or willing to do. As it stands now, the Proctor can be anyone 
considered to be honest and willing to do the paperwork. Do we want to 
redefine that? I guess it makes sense for the Proctor to encourage this 
event, maybe publishing that an autocrat is still needed, or helping the 
autocrat by providing a list of teachers (already part of the job 
We need to set the Proctor's term of office. Should it be one year or
>two? Indefinite? Until they want to step down or they're removed?
I'd go for one, but two is ok. Surely there are enough interested dancers 
that making it indefinite is unneccessary?

Finally, how proxy votes work needs to be better defined.

I'm all for requiring proxy votes to go directly to the current Proctor (in 
writing or otherwise). I'm assuming the Proctor is the one who will be 
tallying the votes anyway. Are we just talking about votes for the next 
Proctor? Is there anything else? What's the policy for changes to our 
beautiful charter?
I'm in agreement with everything else so far.

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