AD - Guild Charter--GUILD PROCTOR

Russell russmax at
Thu May 6 10:32:34 PDT 1999

Kelly Erickson wrote:
> I think making the Guild Proctor responsible for Kingdom dance is a bad idea
> (sorry, Guillaume).

   No apology necessary. I'm not saying it should be done. I'm just
asking what people think.

> Finally, how proxy votes work needs to be better defined.
> I'm all for requiring proxy votes to go directly to the current Proctor (in
> writing or otherwise). I'm assuming the Proctor is the one who will be
> tallying the votes anyway. Are we just talking about votes for the next
> Proctor?

   That sounds good to me.

   We probably need to add another section to the Charter to define how
changes will be made, when meetings of the Guild can be held, how proxy
votes are done, etc.

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