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Russell russmax at
Thu May 6 10:39:26 PDT 1999

To all,

   I hope the meeting doesn't drag out too long. It is always helpful if
everyone has in mind what they want and what they'll settle for before
they show up. Also, try to keep the big picture in mind and not fixate
on  pet details. That's why I want to line out as much as possible ahead
of time. Hopefully, any serious objections can be addressed here online.
Also, even if you don't contribute to the online debate, you can at
least read what's being said, and have a well-informed opinion to bring
to Warlord.

   If you have big objections, it would be nice if you at least
mentioned them here. Being broadsided with that stuff at meetings can
make them very grueling.

   I plan to be at Steppes Warlord, by the way. I look forward to seeing
all there.


Kelly Erickson wrote:
> How does everyone feel about meeting early Saturday afternoon at Warlord? I
> don't think too many of us will be in the heavy list, and that way we can
> work until court if necessary, and even continue later in the weekend if
> that seems wise. I agree with Guillaume that we need to get this largely
> finished up at Warlord, so we can do our polishing at Kings College, in
> order to publish it for ATYC. Hopefully by this time we have vented most of
> our opinions and are ready to be open minded enough to agree on something.
> Elin
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