AD - Guild Charter--GUILD PROCTOR

Russell russmax at
Thu May 6 12:33:27 PDT 1999

Estrill wrote:
> > The Proctor is chosen by the simple majority of the current Guild
> > roster, with the approval of the Crown. The Proctor's duties are as
> > follows:
> Why do we need or want the Crown's approval of the Proctor? It almost makes it
> sound like we can't decide for ourselves who will be Proctor. I personnally
> don't think the Crown really needs to be involved in this decision (besides
> being *another* burden dropped into their already very full hands).  If it's
> just to rubber-stamp what the Guild decides, why bother the Crown with it?

   Wow, that seems obvious to me, now that you mention it. I'll make the
change to the charter, if there are no objections. 
> I would suppose that if anyone outside the guild *might* have a say in it, it
> would be the Kingdom A&S minister or the Deputy of Music & Dance. Though based
> on how we do *informal* guilds in Mooneschadowe, no one has to be approved by
> the seneschal or anyone else as "the head" of the guild. If the members of a
> guild say that "Lord X" is the head, then he's the head. I realize that won't
> quite transfer over to a large, formal guild like we're proposing here. But if
> we all exercise our right to vote, and Lady Y receives the most votes, then Lady
> Y is the Proctor.  'Nuff said.

   I don't think anyone outside the Guild would ever want to overrule
our choice of Proctor, nor would it be appropriate for them to be given
that authority. I suppose, technically, that the Crown always has that
authority, but there's no need to explicitly state it.

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