AD - Guild Charter -MEMBERSHIP (and PROCTOR responsibilities) dssweet at
Thu May 6 15:24:40 PDT 1999

>"The Guild Member is expected to know or learn basic dance etiquette,
>basic dance steps, and a few basic dances known generally throughout

Yes, that's good.

>>> "The Guild Member will be informed of the Guild's activities and projects."
>> Umm, how?? By who? The Proctor? Are we going to have a newsletter, mass
>> emailings, phone calls? Blurbs in the BlackStar? Just curious here.  :)

>I think we should leave it to the Proctor to determine how to best keep
>people informed.

Then should that be a bulleted item under the duties of the Proctor:

*To inform the Guild Members of the Guild's activities and projects.

and leave it at that for now?


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