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Kaitlyn McKenna kaitlyn_mckenna at
Fri May 7 05:40:40 PDT 1999

Greetings All,

Well...just so I can get something in before the deadline of the weekend(of 
which I will be gone out of the country for all of and some of next week), I 
do have a lot of suggestions and objections to many of the proposed 
changes/creations.  I know this is vague, but several of us work on a 
different time scale than the rest of you apparently.  This is all moving 
way too fast.  Most proposals start with a purpose(we have that mostly).  
Then they have specific goals to fulfil the purposes(we don't have that 
unless you count the bullet points).  These goals should each be 
1.neccessary to the purpose, 2.measurable, and 3. achievable.  Then we do 
implementation.  Many of our "goals" do not qualify.  We have gone straight 
to implementation...but what are we really implementing.  Which of the 
"goals" does the "level system" satify?  We seem to be creating a charter( 
the governing rules of our guild) with everything based on the proctor(talk 
about adding political overtones) and quantity over quality.  I am all for 
levels and the rest if it is merited to fulfil a specific goal.  A guild to 
provide warm fuzzies with a nod to quality just doesn't do it for me.  With 
time and organized deliberation, I think this guild could be a very strong 
force for dance.  As it is currently going, any household could implement 
the same thing.

By the way, without the Crown signature, this is just a household guild.  To 
be a Kingdom guild, we need the signature of the crown, and as such only the 
Crown can change the Charter.  Whereas, bylaws done after the charter can be 
changed by membership.  With a little more time, things like this can be 

Sorry I have been quiet for sooo long on all of this, but real life has been 
happening on a grand scale.  I have also been reticent to jump into what 
seems to be already decided and being dictated(if no one objects).  If I say 
change this and this and it is done (if no one objects) we will never get 
anything done.

I am glad that there is such enthusiam to support dance, but we need to make 
sure that we create what we mean to create for the long run..not just for 
ourselves today.


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