AD - Informing the guild members.....

Russell Kinder russmax at
Fri May 7 13:14:50 PDT 1999

My dear daughter Isabeau wrote:
> About the proctor informing the guild members........
> Isn't it as simple as informing heads of shire dance guilds , and such?
> Isn't it just there duty to decide?  Couldn't it be voted on when the guild
> meets?  I really don't see why it should be outlined in the charter.

   Not every shire, barony, or college has a local guild. Thus, not
every member of the Kingdom Guild will be a member of a local guild. If
we leave it to the Proctor to figure out how to inform them, and leave
it at that, that should be fine. Perhaps for groups that do have local
guilds, the Proctor will choose the method you describe, to encourage
dancers to be active in their local guilds. On the other hand, that puts
another link, which may not be reliable, in the communication chain.
Dance masters usually have other things on their minds the night of
dance practice, like teaching dances.
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