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Russell Kinder russmax at
Fri May 7 13:28:06 PDT 1999

Estrill wrote:
> >Any person in the SCA who is interested in dance may become a member of
> >the Guild.
> Ok, another question on membership. Above is the first sentence. *ANY* person in
> the SCA? Outside of our kingdom? Isn't this supposed to be a dance guild for
> Ansteorrans? I know there's at least one out-of-kingdom gentle on this list.
> Maybe we want to limit this a little bit, hmm? Either totally restrictive: "Any
> person within the Kingdom of Ansteorra who....". Which is brief and to the
> point. Or we could include those in neighboring areas who consistently play
> within our kingdom. The wording of that would be rather cumbersome, but it might
> be necessary. Opinions?

   Why would we mind if anyone in the Known World wanted to be a member
of our Kingdom Dance Guild? Except for a few people in bordering groups,
why would anyone want to?

   If people want to limit membership to Ansteorrans only, I don't
really mind. It's just whatever everyone wants. (It always is.)

Pug Bainter wrote:
> "in the SCA"? Does that imply that you *have* to be a member?
> Btw, I feel that it should be limited to those people within this Kingdom.
> I'm unfortunately busy and not able to comment on many things as of late.

   Now, Pug, if we meant that you had to be a paid member of the SCA, we
would explicitly say, "paid members of the SCA". Saying "in the SCA" in
no way implies "paid member".

   Perhaps both Estrill and Pug will be satisfied by this wording: "Any
Ansteorran who is interested in dance may become a member of the Guild." 

   Who is an Ansteorran? Folk in neighboring kingdoms, who play with us
instead, probably consider themselves Ansteorrans. Folk who lived in
Ansteorra for many years, but recently moved to, say, Atlantia, might
still consider themselves Ansteorrans. If you consider yourself an
Ansteorran, and are interested in dance, you can be in the Guild. 

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