AD - Guild Charter -MEMBERSHIP

Kelly Erickson elinthetimid at
Fri May 7 15:32:04 PDT 1999

I don't see why anyone who is really interested should be excluded. Surely 
if someone from out of area wants to be a member, it indicates that person 
is fairly interested and probably active in our kingdom as well. Are we 
really that worried about the evil person from the kingdom next door casting 
a vote every now and then to ruin us?

> >Any person in the SCA who is interested in dance may become a member of
> >the Guild.
>Ok, another question on membership. Above is the first sentence. *ANY* 
>person in
>the SCA? Outside of our kingdom? Isn't this supposed to be a dance guild 
>Ansteorrans? I know there's at least one out-of-kingdom gentle on this 
>Maybe we want to limit this a little bit, hmm? Either totally restrictive: 
>person within the Kingdom of Ansteorra who....". Which is brief and to the
>point. Or we could include those in neighboring areas who consistently play
>within our kingdom. The wording of that would be rather cumbersome, but it 
>be necessary. Opinions?
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