AD - Taking stock before we move on...

Russell russmax at
Tue May 11 11:35:24 PDT 1999

Ansteorran dancers,

   I don't want to rush folks, but I don't really want to dawdle either.
Let's see what we can tentatively call finished and then we'll move on
to the discussion of other things. Please know that we are not setting
any of this in stone at this time. Please feel free to suggest changes
to the Charter at any time. I am only striving for a working consensus
at this point; only when we are gathered in person can we actually get
real-time debate and final consensus. After a few days, it seems like
online discussion of a particular topic dies off, but I know that some
people still have issues. You can either bring up these issues online,
whenever you have time, or you can save them for Steppes Warlord or
King's College.

   So far, the Charter has the following form:

Charter for the
Ansteorran Guild of European Dancers
A Kingdom-wide dance guild of Ansteorra








   I'm going to post the Purpose, Membership, and Proctor sections in
separate posts, to make sure that we have what we want. Then we'll begin
forming the Recognition sections. 

   BTW, I know that regalia was discussed at Crown, but I've
inadvertently lost or deleted the posts where that was discussed. Would
someone post that, or send it to me? I've heard very strong opposition
to the "Charlie Brown shirt" regalia, but no one has posted that.

In service,

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