AD - Tentative PROCTOR section dssweet at
Fri May 14 08:19:38 PDT 1999

>A proxy vote is a letter sent by an absent Guild Member authorizing
>another Guild Member to vote for them. An absentia vote is a letter sent
>by an absent Guild Member specifying how their vote should be cast.

Ok, I really only favor the absentia vote, not the proxy vote. It's not that I
don't trust some of you kind people, it's just I know that sometimes I can agree
with Lady X about topic F, but disagree strongly with them about topic M. And I
think something about specifying the date/event in the letter should be stated,
to prevent continual proxy/absentia voting. Not that I think anyone would cheat
on purpose, but it might be too tempting if someone had a letter giving them
proxy voting and there was no time limiting factor involved. As long as the
person the proxy is for does not appear at events, it could be used

I'm ok with the MEMBERSHIP and PURPOSE sections as stated.


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