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Mon May 17 15:42:51 PDT 1999

I am hoping that getting inputs from their kingdoms (at the workshop) will perhaps give
the charter a fresh start, or a rework, or it maybe that the charter is already on the
right road.  Estril has the right idea but getting a other viewpoints will be

By the way, I cannot go, I am extremely jealous and I hope you all die
(excuse Avatar whilst he has an envy fit)

Russell wrote:

>    The third thing is that many of us are wandering off to Known World
> Dance this weekend, where we'll most definitely ask how other kingdoms
> work their kingdom dance guilds, if they have them. We'll also be able
> to compare notes with one another about how the other kingdoms do stuff.
> So thanks for the suggestion. It has put it on my mind.
> Guillaume--

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