AD - Steppes Meeting (and KWD) WeeRosebud at
Wed May 26 10:31:26 PDT 1999

If Guillaume is taking his pavilion (????) I was thinking we could set up 
outside the list field.  It isn't as though we don't all recognize one 
another.  Does anyone have a table of some sort?  Other than that, I know 
we'll be there on Friday night too.  We could start the discussion on Friday 
night if everyone that is going to be there to discuss is there. or hold it 
as a preliminary discussion.  It's just an idea.  Other than that, I don't 
see much of a problem with Saturday morning, except that I know many of us 
are not morning people.



KWD was absolutely wonderful, as for the lack of organization.... I honestly 
took very little note of it, I was too busy dancing.  :)  I thought everyone 
was absolutely wonderful.  That one guy was so ridiculous, I could just laugh 
at him and then put him from my mind.  The sideboard was lovely too.  I had 
fun in a major way.  I'm spoiled for all other events now.  And wasn't Master 
Sion's dance cool?
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