AD - Beltane Ball

Russell russmax at
Sun May 2 22:56:41 PDT 1999

   A great maypole tune and dance is Gathering Peascods. Conjecture is
that it once was a Maypole dance. I've found that these changes make it
perfect: Instead of doubles, siding & arming, do every verse as a grand
hey. Each chorus, alternate guys or girls going in first, as is usual in
the dance. Keep repeating until the maypole is wrapped. On the pole, it
will make a checkered-weave pattern alternating with a spiral pattern.

   Another fun variation is Half-Hannigan. Substitute a grand hey for
the arming. This makes a plain weave pattern on the pole.

   The simplest way is probably to do a continuous grand hey while the
musicians play the music for Trenchmore.


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