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Mon May 3 12:33:38 PDT 1999

>Okay, on another note - what is this whole business about a dance
>competition on a single dance for the squires?  I realize we want them to 
>well-rounded, but learning a single dance (which it seems they can just
>learn that day and promptly forget or at least never dance at a ball), just
>doesn't seem acceptable to me and seems to perpetuate the problem of our
>fighters not dancing and thus keeping the status of dance at a minimum.  If
>I'm wrong on this, someone please tell me here in the relative safety of 
>small group or e-mail me personally before I ask the wrong person and get
>squished. ;-) is the whole thing about the Squire's Dance.  This event was 
originated with the Knights and the Dons who were looking for ways to 
measure some of the qualities they look for in a "peer"(I know dons aren't). 
  Dance was to show grace and courtly behavior.  They chose one dance, so 
that all could be evaluated equally with the amount of grace being the only 
variable.  Different dances would put in too many variables.  As the event 
has mutated, dance became a requirement in itself as non-knights and 
non-dons began to run it.  This year, all the dancers who usually end up 
running the dance part wanted entrants to bring their own dance or do a said 
dance which would have extra "partners" available to fill out a set.  The 
other competitions are not taught.  The fighters are expected to prepare a 
piece for A&S and bardic ahead of time, why not dance?  However, each 
competition is supposed to be sponsored by a knight and a don.  None 
volunteered til the week before. dance it is again.  Those of us 
involved in dance in this area try to encourage others to dance and get 
involved in dance...there are barricades that take time and slow change.  
The one thing that definitely has happened with the Squire's dance...several 
fighters who would have never danced, were forced to learn just one because 
of this event.  They now dance much more.  One dance is less frightening 
than come up with your own performance piece.  Even you don't like to be 
judged, and you are a dancer.  The fighters feel better and will actually 
try when all their counterparts have to do the same thing.

Just a bit of history behind the event,

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