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Russell russmax at
Thu May 6 12:34:49 PDT 1999

dssweet at wrote:
> Just some slight revisions here.
> "The Guild Member is expected to know or learn basic dance etiquette, basic
> dance steps, and basic dances known generally throughout Ansteorra."
> It seems kinda silly to me, anyways, to delineate the types of dance steps &
> specify 1 or 2 dances. Is someone going to keep score (or a list) proving that
> the Guild Member knows that?? Better to be more general, IMHO.

   I agree with that. Simpler is better, and it still gets the idea
across. You may have made it too ambiguous, though. It could be
misinterpreted as meaning the member has to learn *all* of the basic
dances known in Ansteorra.  How about:

"The Guild Member is expected to know or learn basic dance etiquette,
basic dance steps, and a few basic dances known generally throughout Ansteorra."

   If you're OK with that, and no one else objects, I'll go ahead and
make the change to the Charter.

> "The Guild Member will be informed of the Guild's activities and projects."
> Umm, how?? By who? The Proctor? Are we going to have a newsletter, mass
> emailings, phone calls? Blurbs in the BlackStar? Just curious here.  :)

   That's a good question. Should the Charter specify how Guild Members
will be informed? Or should the Proctor determine what is most effective
and appropriate? For example, if we're all online, this list would be
appropriate, and it's free. If a few of us are not online, those people
could be sent a newsletter, maybe quarterly, while the rest of us
receive our info online. That would make sure everyone gets the word at
minimal cost. I think we should leave it to the Proctor to determine how
to best keep people informed.

   Speaking of cost. How will Guild activities, such as a newsletter,
dance manual, or recording be paid for? Should that be specified in the
Charter, or should the Proctor be charged with making that decision? I
envision the manual and recordings being self-sustaining, but someone
will still need to front the money for copies and blank CD-R discs.
Those people who need the newsletter mailed could donate a couple of
dollars a year to cover postage and copying. Those are just examples,
not something I recommend we set in stone in the Charter.

   I guess what I'm saying is that I don't think there is a need to put
it in the Charter, except to give the Proctor the authority to raise
money to cover Guild expenses as needed.

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