AD - Guild Charter--PURPOSE for PROCTOR?

Russell Kinder russmax at
Fri May 7 13:05:52 PDT 1999

Estrill wrote:
> Guillaume said:
> >  I'll add a bullet to the Proctor's duties regarding the discography.
> >
> Or is this what was deleted at the Crown meeting?  I believe it said something
> about the fifth bullet item deleted (which going back to my copy of what was
> looked over at Crown is the discography, but somehow on some people's copies it
> was the tape/cd ....which might explain some things).

   No. the fifth item under "Proctor" concerned reporting to the Kingdom
A&S minister the activities of the Guild, as well as local guilds and
practices. The part about local guilds and practices was stricken, being
outside the scope of the Guild. Local guild practices and activities are
supposed to be reported to Kingdom by the local A&S minister.
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