Russell russmax at
Tue May 11 11:39:51 PDT 1999

   Here's what we have for Membership. It's not quite finished; we are
still debating who can be in the Guild, Ansteorrans only, or anyone in
the SCA. That debate can wait for Steppes Warlord, or we can continue it here.

Any [person in the SCA] [Ansteorran] who is interested in Medieval,
Renaissance, and SCA dance may become a member of the Guild. A Guild
Member is a person who is interested in dances from the SCA period and
the current Middle Ages. The Guild Member is expected to know or learn
basic dance etiquette, basic dance steps, and a few basic dances known
generally throughout Ansteorra. One becomes a Guild Member by sending
his/her SCA and mundane name and address to the Guild Proctor,
expressing interest. The Guild Member will be informed of the Guild's
activities and projects.

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