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Thu May 13 08:53:56 PDT 1999

   I'd like to move on, but my sense is that not everyone is supportive
of what we have thus far. Mistress Kaitlyn seems truly opposed to much
that we have come up with so far. She appears to represent other voices
who have remained silent.

   I charge those who read this list to look back over the PURPOSE,
MEMBERSHIP, and GUILD PROCTOR sections. If you think they look OK, then
make a short reply of assent. If you find problems with them, please
reply with your constructive comments.

   To prepare for our next topics of discussion, be thinking about
recognition of teachers and performers. The consensus seems to be that
we want to recognize excellence in teaching, and thus encourage more of
that. We also want to recognize excellence in performance. There were a
few dissenters, but the general consensus seemed to be that a tiered
recognition system would work well to encourage beginners and also give
performers and teachers continued challenge as they become more experienced.

   Do we want separate recognition levels for teachers and performers?
On one hand, a combined system would promote unity of the Guild. On the
other hand, our Guild charges us to maintain a roster of Ansteorran
dance teachers. The recognition levels could be used for that purpose,
but not if those who don't teach are mixed into those levels. Ansteorran
dancers should be able to recognize expert dance teachers by the "merit
badges" they've earned in our teacher recognition system. If
non-teachers receive the same "badges", confusion could result.

   It seems to me that, in addition to saying "Good work," the levels
for teachers have the purpose of making it easy to recognize who the
good teachers are, which can be important if you need someone to teach a
class or run a ball. The levels for performers seem to have only the
purpose of a pat on the back and an "Attaboy!" Mind you, I don't have a
problem with that. Until our Kingdom's A&S structure is set up to better
include dance performance in A&S competitions, then there is a definite
need to encourage dance performance in the kingdom. And that's a very
different issue than can be addressed by teaching levels alone.

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