AD - voting for proctor

Kelly Erickson elinthetimid at
Fri May 14 16:12:03 PDT 1999

We need to say a simple majority of either all guild members, or of all 
voters. Since, as you say, people may get on the list and then lose 
interest, and since we seem to be allowing for both proxy and absentia 
votes, I think it makes sense to just say of all voting members.
(slight digression)
But either way, we might want to add a clause for tidying up the list every 
year or two. I'd say we should leave that to the Proctor, but lest anyone 
say it's make the Proctor all powerful... How about having a regular 
publication of the guild list, and if no one speaks for a person within x 
amount of time, they will be removed. That way anybody who knows the person 
could say they're still interested, and no one should go crazy with the 
black marker crossing people off the list. And in case anyone asks, I'm all 
for letting people back in at their previous standing (this is assuming we 
have ranks) if they move and come back. Unless we're going to require a 
certain amount of activity...but that's a whole 'nother can of worms.

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>Subject: Re: AD - A lone voice in the wilderness...
>Date: Fri, 14 May 1999 12:51:00 -0500
> > The Proctor is chosen by the simple majority of the current Guild
> > roster. The vote is counted at a designated official Kingdom Calendar
> > event, announced to all Guild Members at least one month in advance, in
> > the Black Star or by newsletter, and by electronic communication. Proxy
> > and absentia votes are recognized.
>    After discussing some of this with my wife, I see some potential
>problems with the wording "simple majority of the current Guild roster."
>    The first problem is making sure that a majority of the current Guild
>roster is represented at a Proctor election. Say the Guild has 40
>members. Say 15 show up at the meeting or by proxy to elect the Proctor.
>We can't do it. We need at least 21 votes.  If 30 people are represented
>in person or by letter, the winner would still have to have support of
>over 2/3 of those voting to become Proctor.
>    The second problem is keeping the Guild roster current. People become
>interested in other aspects of the SCA, losing interest in dance. People
>move to other kingdoms. People quit playing SCA entirely. People die.
>For various reasons, many names on the roster will not actually be
>current Guild Members. In many cases the Proctor would have no way of
>knowing if a member is still current.
>    Perhaps we meant to say "simple majority of voting Guild Members." If
>that's not what we meant to say, perhaps it's what we should say.
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