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Mon May 17 15:33:31 PDT 1999

Russell Kinder wrote:

>    I charge those who read this list to look back over the PURPOSE,
> MEMBERSHIP, and GUILD PROCTOR sections. If you think they look OK, then
> make a short reply of assent. If you find problems with them, please
> reply with your constructive comments.

Constructive comments will always take time, especially when it comes to the
written word as not to allow mis-interpretation of what is being said (or
writing words that convey what is wanted without pissing people off which is
always hard to do :)

>    To prepare for our next topics of discussion, be thinking about
> recognition of teachers and performers. The consensus seems to be that
> we want to recognize excellence in teaching, and thus encourage more of
> that. We also want to recognize excellence in performance. There were a
> few dissenters, but the general consensus seemed to be that a tiered
> recognition system would work well to encourage beginners and also give
> performers and teachers continued challenge as they become more experienced.

Hi Russell, I would be very careful about using words like "consensus" and "we"
when referring to discussions on the net.  This list represents about (I would
guess) 10% of those who are interested in dance kingdom guild and only about 2%
of those dancers have time to post regular comments on this list or feel vocal
enough to do so, or have time to do so, or have access to the net.  I would not
call 2% of comments on a list as a consensus.  Nor did I notice much of a
consensus about even having excellence recognition at the last meeting
(reference minutes from Crown Tourney meeting).  Going through the archives
about 80% of the posts are from Russell Kinder which if we were counting number
of posts, then I would agree that there is a consensus, but if you were
referring to individual viewpoints from interested dancers, then I would think
that the subject of excellence recognition has a ways to go and is still to be
discussed as was indicated in the minutes.

Al Cofrin
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