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Russell russmax at
Mon May 17 22:06:38 PDT 1999

Al Cofrin wrote:
> Constructive comments will always take time, especially when it comes to the
> written word as not to allow mis-interpretation of what is being said (or
> writing words that convey what is wanted without pissing people off which is
> always hard to do :)

   True, true. Although, by now, it has been almost a week since I
posted that. And even after constructive comments have come in, the real
discussions will take place when we all meet face to face.

> Hi Russell, I would be very careful about using words like "consensus" and "we"
> when referring to discussions on the net.  This list represents about (I would
> guess) 10% of those who are interested in dance kingdom guild and only about 2%
> of those dancers have time to post regular comments on this list or feel vocal
> enough to do so, or have time to do so, or have access to the net.  I would not
> call 2% of comments on a list as a consensus.  Nor did I notice much of a
> consensus about even having excellence recognition at the last meeting
> (reference minutes from Crown Tourney meeting).  Going through the archives
> about 80% of the posts are from Russell Kinder which if we were counting number
> of posts, then I would agree that there is a consensus, but if you were
> referring to individual viewpoints from interested dancers, then I would think
> that the subject of excellence recognition has a ways to go and is still to be
> discussed as was indicated in the minutes.

   These points are well taken. In this particular case, I was working
from the minutes taken by Mistress Kaitlyn at Crown Tourney, and not
from the replies I have received on this list. So when I said consensus,
I meant that in the minutes Kaitlyn posted, she wrote that consensus was
achieved on certain issues, albeit reluctantly in some cases, like
whether or not to have levels. But if you read it, it does state that
the consensus was that levels were desired to encourage teaching and
performance. The funny thing about consensus is that it's not set in
stone, but tends to change as people hear other arguments and think on
things. Perhaps that consensus has changed. We can't know until we next
meet in person. In that way, I agree with those who don't want to move
too fast. Then again, I don't want to delay things interminably, either.

   I do not mind having to repeat that I know we won't be making any
final decisions on this mailing list. That must wait for our scheduled
face to face meetings. However, we can organize our thoughts, and get
the thoughts of one or two other brains. We can also streamline the face
to face meetings by having a few coherent thoughts on the issues before
the actual day of the meeting.

Thanks for you thoughts,
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