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Russell russmax at
Tue May 18 01:31:57 PDT 1999

Ansteorran dancers,

   The PURPOSE, MEMBERSHIP, and PROCTOR sections seem ready to take to
Steppes Warlord. Due to my e-mail glitch, I may have missed some of your
proposed changes or exact wordings for those changes. I hope I
remembered what everyone suggested. At risk of sounding like a broken
record, please look these over and mull over in your mind if they are
all right.

   The part that was approved at Crown Tourney by the assembled dancers
was pretty much left alone, with a couple of loose ends tied up. For
example, the Membership section requires that Guild Members be informed
of Guild activities, but doesn't assign the task to the Proctor.
Otherwise, changes are marked as "proposed change", so people will know
what was approved at Crown, and what needs to be determined at Steppes.

   The levels aren't here. It's probably best to get more discussion on
that first. I realize that any discussion online can be no more than a
starting point for discussions in person at Steppes. I would like to
continue that discussion. Perhaps levels shouldn't be in the Charter,
but added as bylaws after the Charter is signed by the Crown.

   The regalia isn't here. All I can say is I lost that part. Last I
heard, the insignia was supposed to be a yellow badge with a black wavy
line horizontally across the center. (I'm not a herald--sue me.) In
other words, it looks like Charlie Brown's T-shirt. I don't know if that
was a joke or a serious proposal. Some of the dancers in my local group
are strongly opposed to the Charlie Brown badge. (Personally, I don't
care at all.) If that was a serious proposal, could someone find the
exact description of that badge and send it to me, so I can add it to
the proposed charter. (Perhaps that shouldn't be in the Charter, but
added as a bylaw once it gets past the College of Heralds.)

In service,

Charter for the
Ansteorran Guild of European Dancers
A Kingdom-wide dance guild of Ansteorra

   The primary purpose of the Guild is to promote the learning,
teaching, and performance of Medieval, Renaissance, and SCA (original
and commonly performed) dances. The purpose of the guild shall be
achieved by: 
* facilitating communication between existing dance guilds; 
* assisting any local group in forming a dance guild; 
* maintaining a roster of dance teachers throughout the Kingdom; 
* producing and updating a Kingdom dance manual; 
* providing and updating a discography; 
* producing dance tapes and/or compact discs; 
* encouraging research in Medieval, Renaissance and SCA dances; and 
* recognizing excellence in dance teaching.
[proposed addition:]
* recognizing excellence in dance performance.

   Any [person in the SCA] [proposed change: Ansteorran] who is
interested in Medieval, Renaissance, and SCA dance may become a member
of the Guild. A Guild Member is a person who is interested in dances
from the SCA period and the current Middle Ages. The Guild Member is
expected to know or learn basic dance etiquette, basic dance steps, and
a few basic dances known generally throughout Ansteorra. One becomes a
Guild Member by sending his/her SCA and mundane name and address to the
Guild Proctor, expressing interest. The Guild Member will be informed of
the Guild's activities and projects.

The Proctor is responsible for overseeing the activities of the Guild,
and ensuring that the Purpose of the Guild is pursued. The Proctor's
duties are as follows:
1.	To maintain a current roster of dance teachers in the Kingdom of
2.	To assist groups in locating teachers for dance classes at events,
local meetings, revels, etc. 
3.	To assist groups who wish to start local dance guilds. 
4.	To keep informed on the progress, projects, and activities of local
guilds (either through formal reports or informal correspondence).
5.	To report to the Kingdom Minister Of Arts and Sciences on the
progress, projects, and activities of the Guild.
6.	To produce and/or expand a Kingdom dance manual.
7.	To produce and/or expand a recording of dance music. 
8.	To produce and/or expand a discography of dance recordings.
9.	To inform Guild Members of the Guild's activities and projects.

   The Guild Proctor may appoint deputies to fulfill those duties as required.

   The Proctor is chosen by a simple majority of the current Guild
roster. [Proposed change: ...simple majority of voting Guild Members.]
The vote is counted at a designated official Kingdom Calendar event,
announced to all Guild Members at least one month in advance, in the
Black Star or by newsletter, and by electronic communication. Proxy and
absentia votes are recognized.

[Proposed additions and changes:}
   The Proctor's term of office shall be one year. A Proctor may be
re-elected to a second term, but no Proctor may be elected to more than
two consecutive terms. 
   If the Proctor's duties aren't performed satisfactorily, the Proctor
may be removed by a 2/3 majority of the assembled Guild Members at a
Crown Tournament or Coronation event. Proxy and absentia votes are recognized.
   A proxy vote is a letter sent by an absent Guild Member authorizing
another Guild Member to vote for them at that specific event. An
absentia vote is a letter sent by an absent Guild Member specifying how
their vote should be cast on specific issues or elections.
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