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Kelly Erickson elinthetimid at
Tue May 18 08:33:54 PDT 1999

Unfortunately, until we get to Warlord, we will not have the opportunity to 
hear from interested dancers in person. And unless the people represented on 
this list are making an effort to communicate with and get feedback from 
their local guilds (as I believe is the plan), there is no way for us to 
represent all of the dancers in the Kingdom, no matter how long we wait. Do 
we trust each other to be communicating with our local guilds? Are there any 
other options?

>Hi Russell, I would be very careful about using words like "consensus" and 
>when referring to discussions on the net.  This list represents about (I 
>guess) 10% of those who are interested in dance kingdom guild and only 
>about 2%
>of those dancers have time to post regular comments on this list or feel 
>enough to do so, or have time to do so, or have access to the net.  I would 
>call 2% of comments on a list as a consensus.  Nor did I notice much of a
>consensus about even having excellence recognition at the last meeting
>(reference minutes from Crown Tourney meeting).  Going through the archives
>about 80% of the posts are from Russell Kinder which if we were counting 
>of posts, then I would agree that there is a consensus, but if you were
>referring to individual viewpoints from interested dancers, then I would 
>that the subject of excellence recognition has a ways to go and is still to 
>discussed as was indicated in the minutes.
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