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Tue May 25 10:26:09 PDT 1999

Oh my, is everyone still recovering from last weekend?  :-)

I'd love to be able to post the obligatory "a good time was had by all,"
but I don't think that was the case.

Parts of the event were fun, certainly.  Meeting people from all over
and discussing how they do things, how they reconstrcuted this or that,
and just general socializing is lots of fun.  I taught 3 classes -- the
Whirligig/Parson's Farewell class was full (about 25 people), the
branles class had mostly advanced dancers so we got into reconstruction
issues and that was fun, the "how to host a ball" roundtable had about 5
people.  Friday night the site closed at 10pm and we moved the dancing
to the hotel parking lot -- 2 recorder players provided the music.

In general the organization wasn't up to what we're used to in Ansteorra
-- it may have been great for that area, I don't know how what *they*
are used to.  The ball was held in a large gym, all the lights on, few
decorations (but in their defense - they would have need boat loads to
decorate a space that large), mostly boomboxed (there were about 4
musicians who played occasionally), the floor was padded (good) and your
feet stuck to it if you tried to pivot (very bad, I pulled a muscle in
the class I took before the class I had to teach -- ouch!).

I remember for the first KWDS William Redcape was concerned that there
might be alot of conflict, snootiest, snobbery at the event and there
wasn't.  They apparently saved it for this one.  I suspect it was
because certain areas of the SCA were underrepresented at the 1st one
and showed up at this one.  At the Friday night dance one man actually
stopped dancing in the middle of a dance and said "no, I refuse to do it
that way!"  If he has that attitude he shouldn't dance at interkingdom

A few of us got to talking and Philip -- being young and gungho :-)  --
felt that KWDS every two years wasn't enough.  Francois suggested an
interkingdom dance symposium (sort of a regional Known World) on the
off-KWDS years.  Philip liked this idea and started talking to various
people from other kingdoms to get their opinion of it.  There was
favorable response.

So, Philip....when we gonna have an interkingdom symposium?  huh?  huh?


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