AD - Steppes Meeting

Kelly Erickson elinthetimid at
Wed May 26 16:09:16 PDT 1999

I was planning on starting the meeting at 12 or 1, but for you... Does 
anyone have a problem with starting at 11? I was assuming we would meet at 
the list field somewhere. Our household will be under a big pavilion, and 
there will be a couple back at the campsite. Let's plan to meet at the 
Bloodstone pavilion on the list field at 11, and we can move from there if 
we need to.
Also, please be willing to consider the idea of producing a charter we can 
all agree to have set in stone, and later come up with more detailed bylaws. 
This may be necessary if we are to present the charter at ATYC, and it might 
be better to have some rules that can change with relative ease as the 
kingdom evolves.

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>Subject: AD - Steppes Meeting
>Date: Wed, 26 May 1999 07:37:55 -0500
>I'll be at Steppes Friday night but will have to leave the site sometime
>about 1 or 2 pm on Saturday.  Any chance of a quasi early meeting on
>Saturday? Say 10-ish?  11-ish?  Also, (I may have missed this)
>hl ihon vinson macfergus, 15th c. lowland Scot and all around good guy,
>Stargate, Ansteorra -- macfergus at
>John F. Hirling, 20th c. cleric and all around good guy, Houston, TX --
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