AD - Guild Charter--GUILD PROCTOR

dssweet at dssweet at
Thu May 6 09:41:59 PDT 1999

> The Proctor is chosen by the simple majority of the current Guild
> roster, with the approval of the Crown. The Proctor's duties are as
> follows:

Why do we need or want the Crown's approval of the Proctor? It almost makes it
sound like we can't decide for ourselves who will be Proctor. I personnally
don't think the Crown really needs to be involved in this decision (besides
being *another* burden dropped into their already very full hands).  If it's
just to rubber-stamp what the Guild decides, why bother the Crown with it?

I would suppose that if anyone outside the guild *might* have a say in it, it
would be the Kingdom A&S minister or the Deputy of Music & Dance. Though based
on how we do *informal* guilds in Mooneschadowe, no one has to be approved by
the seneschal or anyone else as "the head" of the guild. If the members of a
guild say that "Lord X" is the head, then he's the head. I realize that won't
quite transfer over to a large, formal guild like we're proposing here. But if
we all exercise our right to vote, and Lady Y receives the most votes, then Lady
Y is the Proctor.  'Nuff said.


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