AD - Charter--Purpose & Goals--Whither dance tape

Kelly Erickson elinthetimid at
Thu May 6 11:05:40 PDT 1999

>In the minutes of the meeting at Crown Tourney, I noticed that we
>removed the goal of making a recording of dance music, to accompany >the 
>Guild dance manual. The minutes do not explain why this was done. >I'm 
>curious. Was it seen as being outside the Guild's scope? Was >there 
>complaint by the musicians present at the meeting?
Since this has been sitting out there with no response...I love the idea of 
a Guild recording. It would be wonderful to share music, so that when we 
learn new dances we can go home and teach them with the music, and to 
possibly smooth over some of the regional variations in the dances we all 
do. But I know how long it takes to make a halfway decent recording. Our 
local group spent a couple of hours recording two pieces, and they're still 
not very good. I am willing to be a part of any such recording, but getting 
together even three or four musicians for the days and days it would take to 
record even 40 dances, which last I heard was the requirement for Magisters 
to teach, would be almost impossible. Not to mention the cost, if we want 
any kind of professional quality to the recording. But I'm open to 

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