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Thu May 6 12:13:35 PDT 1999

>>>"The Guild Member will be informed of the Guild's activities and
>>Umm, how?? By who? The Proctor? Are we going to have a newsletter, >mass
>>emailings, phone calls? Blurbs in the BlackStar? Just curious >here.  :)
and Elin responded:
>At present, I guess we're leaving that up to the Proctor. It would be
>easiest to have a home page, but of course not everyone has access. I know
>the Proctor is a sort of secretarial posistion, but keeping track of all
>members *and* producing a newsletter or regular ads can be a big job. And
>take money, which we don't currently have.

I know, that's why I brought it up. If we don't really know how or who will be
doing this, maybe that line should be removed from the Membership section. We
could be making promises that we can't keep. Or else we need to develop it
further & decide what constitutes "informing the Guild Members of Guild


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