AD - Guild Charter--PURPOSE for PROCTOR?

Russell russmax at
Thu May 6 12:35:20 PDT 1999


   You're really going over this with a fine-toothed comb searching for
logic flaws. It is greatly appreciated. I'll add a bullet to the
Proctor's duties regarding the discography.

   On a related point, I  envision the discography being a part of the
dance manual. If I look at my own manual, I can envision that very clearly.


Estrill wrote:
> >The primary purpose of the Guild is to promote the learning, teaching,
> >and performance of Medieval, Renaissance, and SCA (original and commonly
> >performed) dances. The purpose of the guild shall be achieved by:
> 1>* facilitating communication between existing dance guilds;
> 2>* assisting any local group in forming a dance guild;
> 3>* maintaining a roster of dance teachers throughout the Kingdom;
> 4>* producing and updating a Kingdom dance manual;
> 5>* providing and updating a discography;
> 6>* producing dance tapes and/or compact discs;
> 7>* encouraging research in Medieval, Renaissance and SCA dances; and
> 8>* recognizing excellence in dance teaching.
> 9* recognizing excellence in dance performance.
> Most of these purpose points are covered in the duties of the Proctor to oversee
> etc. All except #5: "providing & updating a discography"
> Is this a duty of the Proctor (or appointed deputy)? It's not covered anywhere
> else that I've seen.
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