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Russell russmax at
Thu May 6 12:35:39 PDT 1999


   Thanks for your supporting words. Actually, I was in error about the
recording being removed from the Purpose statement. Mistress Kaitlyn
pointed out my error. I was working from an obsolete copy. At Crown, the
goal of making a Guild recording was definitely left in the Charter.

   Also, I'm aware how Herculean a task making a dance recording is
going to be. Back in 1995, Mooneschadowe did a recording of somewhat
uneven quality for Kingdom Dance. My suggestion to the Proctor would be
to do a little each year. Also, there are several groups of musicians
around the Kingdom, many of whom have access to recording equipment. If
each group did a little, it could be compiled into a pretty big
recording. I'm also thinking this would allow the various groups to
showcase their musicians.

   This will definitely encourage the Proctor to appoint deputies.

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