AD - Guild Charter--PURPOSE for PROCTOR?

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Thu May 6 15:07:04 PDT 1999

Guillaume said:
>  I'll add a bullet to the Proctor's duties regarding the discography.

Or is this what was deleted at the Crown meeting?  I believe it said something
about the fifth bullet item deleted (which going back to my copy of what was
looked over at Crown is the discography, but somehow on some people's copies it
was the tape/cd ....which might explain some things).  I personally think the
discography is a useful item that could definately be delegated to a deputy by
the Proctor. I envision a discography database that includes cd/tape name,
group/performer (& other identifying information for purchase), plus an entire
list of what's on each cd, & whether it's really danceable. People could request
the basic discography or perhaps a specialized listing (dance xyz is found on
what cds?).

 ( I've started my own database that includes all the cds/tapes I've got, all
the dancemanuals I've bought, whether I've got the music as sheet music, and a
lot of other information on each dance. With the click of a few buttons I can
sort for almost any factor I want to consider.)

(still thinking in overtime)

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