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Russell russmax at
Mon May 17 21:22:44 PDT 1999

Hi, Avatar!

   Actually, three replies come to mind for this.

   The first is that the charter we are working on is based on the one
Meridies uses. If we find potential problems in their charter, they are
the most logical ones to ask how they dealt with the problem. (This is a
point on Estril's side.)

   The second is that, by now, what we have for a charter doesn't look
very much like Meridies' charter. So perhaps their experiences become
less relevant to our situation. (A point on Avatar's side, to be sure.)

   The third thing is that many of us are wandering off to Known World
Dance this weekend, where we'll most definitely ask how other kingdoms
work their kingdom dance guilds, if they have them. We'll also be able
to compare notes with one another about how the other kingdoms do stuff.
So thanks for the suggestion. It has put it on my mind.


Al Cofrin wrote:

> I would highly recommend that we get suggestions from more than just Meridies.
> Meridies has excellent ideas but so do the East coast kingdoms who have ample
> access to academic sources (live ones even from across the pond).  Meridies guild
> format may work for Meridies, but that does not necessarily mean that it will work
> for Ansteorra.  Not only does Ansteorra have a different mind set about how things
> are done but we even have different mindsets within our own regions.  This list is
> a good example.
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