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Tue May 25 23:25:08 PDT 1999

Charlene Charette wrote:
> I remember for the first KWDS William Redcape was concerned that there
> might be alot of conflict, snootiest, snobbery at the event and there
> wasn't.  They apparently saved it for this one.  I suspect it was
> because certain areas of the SCA were underrepresented at the 1st one
> and showed up at this one.  At the Friday night dance one man actually
> stopped dancing in the middle of a dance and said "no, I refuse to do it
> that way!"  If he has that attitude he shouldn't dance at interkingdom
> functions.

   Oooh. Yeah. I talked to that guy for awhile afterwards. He was
delusional. He kept telling me all this stuff that's written in 1st ed.
Playford that just isn't there. He was just a little too fixated on his
own research. Other than that, the lack of musicians, the lack of space
in the rooms, and the awful schedule conflicts, it was a great time.
Even with all that, it was the best time I've ever had at an event. In
general, I found all the long-time dance laurels very friendly,
approachable, and open with their knowledge. Quite the opposite of being
snooty, they were very welcoming of new faces in their ranks. That one
guy was a lone exception, as far as I could tell.

   Just think if you fixed all those problems. Well, you can't fix the
jerks, but you can fix all the rest. I know we can do a better job in
Ansteorra. Heck, I could do a much better job right here in Stillwater.
The Student Union at Ok State has tons of big rooms for classes, a huge
ballroom, a hotel for people to stay at on site. Or their's our easily
accessed Community Center, where we often meet for shire activities.
Ansteorra will be able to sample that at King's College this month.

   My daughter Isabeau and I were delighted to be at KWDS, but we missed
having musicians. The biggest treat was Master Delbert von Strassburg,
who came all the way from New Zealand to teach us Il Canario. That will
keep Isabeau and I busy for awhile. Mistress Rosina taught us 15th c.
Italian. Mistress Lizbeth taught us 16th c. Italian, and Mistress Mara
taught us La Volta.

   We look forward to seeing all of you at Steppes this weekend. I would
pursue Charter discussions here on the list, but I just can't bring
myself to do it. I think there are lots of ideas floating around,
probably enough to occupy us for the meeting.

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