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Russell Kinder russmax at
Fri Nov 19 13:29:00 PST 1999

Dancers of Ansteorra,

   I have put up a very simple web page for the Ansteorra Guild of
European Dancers. Here's the URL:

   This is the very first web-page I've ever done, but it was a really
simple process. Please check out the page, make sure you can access it,
that it looks OK on your browser, that all the links are correct, that I
have spelled everything correctly, and that I haven't said anything
really stupid.

   Also, please send me suggestions for things I should include on this
web page. In the future, I plan to put up the following:

     * a listing of the A.G.E.D. members (SCA name and e-mail only, 
       and only for those who give me explicit permission). 
     * a listing of the Kingdom's dance practices with where & when 
       they are held, and the presiding dance teacher(s).
     * an HTML version of the Ansteorra Dance Manual, as well as a
       downloadable and printable version.

   Please respond if you give me permission to put your name and e-mail
on the web page.

   Please respond if you are a dance teacher and tell me when and where
your practices are (some of you have already done so).

   Please respond if you have any comments or suggestions for the web page.

In service,
HL Guillaume de Troyes
A.G.E.D. Proctor
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