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Russell Kinder russmax at
Wed Nov 10 20:16:54 PST 1999

   Thanks, Perronnelle.  That makes you the 5th person to give me some
info. I think I'm going to have to be more friendly and personal to
inspire people to write back to me. I really am trying to compile a list
of of whose teaching and where. 

   Now that I've thought about it a little more, it might be really
useful to have a listing of each group's regular practices, and when and
where. It would be really useful to have a webpage with this
information, with links from the Kingdom homepage somewhere, or maybe in
the byline of the Ansteorra Dance list. I'll keep you informed, of course.

   Anyway, thanks for replying. I hope we get to dance together again soon.

HL Guillaume

Charlene Charette wrote:
> Russell Kinder wrote:
> >     Society Name (and title)
> Madame Perronelle Charrette de La Tour du Pin
> >     Mundane Name
> Charlene Charette
> >     Name of your local SCA group
> Stargate
> >     Some way for me to contact you, preferably e-mail or phone
> charlene at; 281.277.4055
> >     Types of dances you like to teach
> bransles, almans, ECD, some 15th C Italian
> --Perronnelle
> --
> When the origin of a thing is remote and mysterious it has been the custom to
> attribute it to the Devil or to Asia.  -- Sir William Gurney Benham,
> _Playing_Cards_
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