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Tue Nov 2 21:25:08 PST 1999

I guess I'll be the first to volunteer.  Did you mean for this to be a 
personal reply or a list reply?  I guess it doesn't hurt for everyone to know 
exactly what I know.

Lady Isabeau Lallement
Erika Whitecotton
Shire of Mooneschadowe

you know where to find me: weerosebud at 405-372-6532 or my HOUSE

I like teaching all dances, but I really love DANCING as long as I'm not with 
a grumpy partner, and I like teaching whatever needs taught

Dances I know (excuse all spelling errors...)

1.   Il Canario 
2.   So Ben Mi Chi Buon Tempo
3.   Lo Spagnoletto
4.   Leoncello V.
5.   Amoroso
6.   Gelosia
7.   Rostiboli Gioso
8.   Petit Riense
9.   Earl of Salisbury Pavanne
10. Duchess Rondalyn's Pavanne
11. Carolingian Pavanne
12. Black Alman
13. Madame Sosilia's Alman
14. Horses Bransle
15. War Bransle
16. Montarde Bransle
17. Washerwoman's Bransle
18. La Volta
19. Picking of Sticks
20. Gathering Peascods
21. Herald's In Love
22. Predente en Gyro
23. Quen Quer Que
24. KettleDrum
25. Newcastle
26. Parson's Farewell
27. Scotch Cap
28. Whirligig
29. Rufty Tufty
30. Hit or Misse
31. Goddesses
32. Heart's Ease
33. Trenchmore
34. Korobushka
35. Hole In the Wall
36. Jouissance V.D.
37. Nika Nika
38. Maltese Bransle
39. Jenny Pluck Pears
40. Boateman
41. Grimstock
42. Glory of the West
43. Half Hannakin
44. Chestnut
45. Sheperd's Holiday
46. Angus Reel
47. Postie's Jig

Let's see.  I reconstructed Allegrezza d'Amore and we worked out a loose 
pattern to improvise with for La Volta.  HL Guillaume and I have been working 
on reconstructing Passo e Mezzo.

Beyond that, I don't know that there is anything to report.

With everlasting merriness,

Lady Isabeau
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