AD - A.G.E.D. Meeting at Elfsea Defender

Russell Kinder russmax at
Wed Sep 15 09:33:27 PDT 1999

Fellow dance enthusiasts of Ansteorra,

   Just a short reminder that we are having a meeting at Elfsea
Defender, September 25th.

   Issues that we will discuss and vote on include:
1. Bylaws regarding the duties of the Proctor
2. Bylaws regarding recognition of teaching skill
3. Bylaws regarding a badge for the guild.
4. Electing a Proctor

   I hope to see many of you there, and of course, I hope there is lots
of dancing.

   For your convenience, here are the bylaws as proposed. I've attached
it as an rtf document (rich text format), which is readable by most word
processors. I think I remember being chastised for posting an attachment
to this mail list, so if this doesn't fly, I'll send it as text. This is
much more readable, though.

H.L. Guillaume de Troyes,
Acting Guild Proctor
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