AD - A.G.E.D. Meeting at Elfsea Defender

Russell Kinder russmax at
Wed Sep 15 15:31:54 PDT 1999

   If it's just netiquette I'm bending, then that's OK. I was just
worried that there was something about the list server that would
prevent it from working. But it seemed to work OK, so I'm good with it.
Your mileage may vary.

   If anyone needs a raw text file, I'll be happy to oblige them. It
takes a bit of time to get it so that it looks OK as just text.


Charlene Charette wrote:
> Russell Kinder wrote:
> > processors. I think I remember being chastised for posting an attachment
> > to this mail list, so if this doesn't fly, I'll send it as text. This is
> > much more readable, though.
> Yup, it's considered bad netiquette.  In the future the options are
> 1) send it as plain text in the email message
> 2) send a note to the list that those wanting it in xyz format can contact you
> and you will send it to them.
Go to to perform mailing list tasks.

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