AD - A.G.E.D. Meeting at Elfsea Defender

Charlene Charette charlene at
Thu Sep 16 21:57:05 PDT 1999

Russell Kinder wrote:

>    Also, in the future, I will continue to use this list as an aid in
> communicating with those Guild members that I know to be on this list,
> especially if I am elected as Proctor. It is not my intent to make Guild
> communications private, and this is an excellent forum for any
> discussions of European renaissance dance, guild-related or not.

The list is open to all discussions of dance -- reconstructions, event
announcements, how-to's of running a ball, guild discussions, etc.  I'm sorry if
you are feeling picked on.  The "no attachments" rule is in effect on every list
I've ever joined and the two lists I administer.

I also thought of another way for you to post the formatted document.  You can
put it on a web page and post the URL here.  I understand that it's important to
get such information out to the guild.  Surely there are ways to do it without
sending attachments to the list.  We just need to find a way that works for all


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