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Russell Kinder russmax at
Thu Sep 16 13:00:50 PDT 1999

Charlene Charette wrote:
>  Netiquette is more than just being courteous and polite (both of which
> are, last time I checked, goals of the Society).  While the listserver handled it
> OK, it can cause problems for subscribers as you and I have discussed before.
> Bottom line:  the list administrator has asked you twice not to do this.  I trust
> there won't be a third time.
> --Perronnelle

   Hmmm. I'm not sure I care for the way this is being handled. So far
as I know, no one objects to the way I've been posting the charter and
bylaws except Perronnelle. After careful consideration, it seemed to be
the most convenient way for me to post the bylaws, and for the members
of the list to receive this information.

   One may call it netiquette, but it's really just arbitrary constraint
that I and perhaps other members of the list find inconvenient. Now
you're implying that you have a right to boot me, the acting Proctor of
A.G.E.D. for posting messages that are intrinsic to communication within
the Guild, in what I consider the most appropriate way. Once upon a
time, it may have been true that attachments were unworkable on e-mail
lists, but technology has certainly moved on. Nobody really pays for
their e-mail by the kilobyte or megabyte anymore. Anyone who wants it
can have completely free e-mail. Almost everyone on this list is
probably sophisticated enough to extract an attached RTF file and open
it in their word processor. It is possible that there are members of the
list who can't deal with an attached RTF file. For those people, I can
easily send the document as text.

   Which is what makes me wonder if this list remains appropriate for
carrying on A.G.E.D. business. I do have the e-mail addresses of all
A.G.E.D. members, so Guild business need not pester those on the list
who don't care about the Kingdom dance guild. But since the Kingdom
dance guild will be at the heart of planning future dance activities and
the direction of dance in Ansteorra, I would imagine that even
non-members who are interested in dance would be interested in the
business of the Guild.

   There are some dance enthusiasts who for their own reasons have
chosen not to be members of A.G.E.D., and that is certainly their
prerogative. But they should bear in mind that the business of A.G.E.D.
is to plan and promote dance activities in Ansteorra. IF those people
find themselves in the position of outsiders, they must remember that is
where they have chosen to be. The Guild desires to be completely
inclusive of all Ansteorran court dancers. Personally, I can't imagine
why someone who is an avowed dance maven and recognized dance expert in
Ansteorra would choose to not join A.G.E.D.

H.L. Guillaume de Troyes
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