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Russell Kinder russmax at
Mon Feb 21 16:37:22 PST 2000

Greetings to the dancers of Ansteorra,

   Obviously, my dance partner Isabeau and I are going to Gulf Wars,
since we're going to perform Lavolta in the Champions A&S Battle. Wish
us luck in our preparations and practice. Besides the Champions Battle,
Isabeau and I are going to teach 2 classes. Lavolta is the 1st at 2:00
pm Thursday. Then we're teaching 16th Century Italian Dance in the class
following at 3:30 pm. Those who came to King's College and took these
classes last June will be familiar with the material.

   I think Thursday night would be the best night for Ansteorrans to run
dancing in the hall, since we don't have anything else going on that
night. Just my opinion, FWIW.

   I just returned from Adlersruhe's Bards & Arts event this weekend. I
made fairly strong commitments to the Seneschal of Mendersham to attend
and teach at their Dance Symposium. I don't know what I'm going to
teach, though. Does anyone have anything they'd like me to teach? I can
do the Italian stuff. I'm also doing Lavolta and galliards. I'm also
having a lot of fun teaching HL Ihon's dance and Master Sion's dance
from KWDS last May. What are others going to be teaching? I'm tempted to
just wait and see what others want to teach and just fill in the gaps.

   Hey, let's have a meeting of A.G.E.D., the Kingdom dance guild at
Mendersham. We haven't met since last September. There seem to be a lot
of dancers in the West who don't know about the guild, and the guild
doesn't know about them.

   I hope to see lots of you at these events. Why? Because I like you
and you're fun.

HL Guillaume de Troyes
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