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So I am sorry that so many people seemed to take offence on the sca dance 
list.  Like it should be a crime that we want to judge a dance and that the 
judging should be fair.

It hard to say how a dance should be judged.  I think the goal should be how 
accurate we are to renactment.  Not on how well we impress or entertain a 
modern audience.  The dance should be judged on its merrits.  I we are 
performing a country dance or such that would not be performed as a court 
precentation, then don't judge on how we were not "flashy" enough.  Yes 
people dance to empress or geta date.  You know what I mean.  But dance was 
not just for performing, it was also for fun.  I we perform a dance where we 
would be the only couple danceing, then yes, lend more empheseis to the 
attention payed to the audience's enjoyment.

On documentation, I think that it is nessesary.  And important.  I do not 
think that we should be required to use our own coreographies for the 
purpose of a competition.  I am entering a dance, not the reconstruction.  
If the reconstruction I use is not period, then shoot me down.  But if the 
reconstruction is, don't take off points for it.  If someone submits part of 
the reconstructionas the entry, then give them more points for difficulty, 
because they did more work.

On garb, I think that is nice that you where the appropriate garb for the 
dance.  But just because I am doing a 16th Italian for performance, don't 
nock me down for wearing Elizabethan, dance traveled throughout Europe and 
was not just danced in one area.  But if I start performing bransles in a 
norse apron do so.

I see the need to be judged on several areas in our kingdom.  We coreograph 
our own dances, reconstruct, and perform.  They are all different aspects 
and should be treated differently.

On difficulty.  Some dances are less difficult than others.  English country 
should never be considered difficult.  It is a beguinner style of dance.  
Same thing for bransle.  Italians and Burgundians and spanish are much more 
difficult.  They should be waited appropriatly to the dance.

Sorry for my rambling thoughts, as well as the spelling errors.

Philip White
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