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Thu Jan 13 15:28:37 PST 2000

Craig Shupee' wrote:
>> On garb, I think that is nice that you where the appropriate garb for
>> dance.  But just because I am doing a 16th Italian for performance,
>> nock me down for wearing Elizabethan, dance traveled throughout Europe
>> was not just danced in one area.  But if I start performing bransles in
>> norse apron do so.

Guillaume wrote:
>   I think some people may be misinterpreting Philip on this one. It
>seems to me the gist of what he's saying is that costume should be less
>important than in competitions he's entered in the past. This is
>probably correct. I know that at one competition, he was demonstrating
>his skill as a dance instructor by quickly teaching Whirligig to a group
>who had never done it before. Costume was completely irrelevant to what
>he was doing, since he collected people at random at the event to dance
>with him. But I seem to recall that he lost some points for not having
>everyone in matching garb from the correct period.

I think you've misinterpreted Philip. I believe he is saying that
Elizabethans danced 16th century Italian dances without changing clothing
(as did Frenchmen, Germans, etc). However, Norsemen (from say the 10th
century) did not dance bransles (which are from the 1500s). Therefore, it
should be perfectly acceptable in a dance competition for someone entering
a 16th century dance to wear any European clothing style of the 16th
century. However, wearing Norse clothing while doing dances from the 16th
century is just wrong for a competition where clothing counts.


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