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Katriana katriana at
Fri Jan 7 17:29:45 PST 2000

Well, not everyone on the SCA-Dance list would have been so dismissive.  I
just downloaded my email and happened to read the AD list first.  

Dani's advice was very good, finding qualified judges is the hardest thing
for any performing art.  Unlike static arts, you don't get to look again at
a performance.  Combine inexperienced judges with poorly written
documentation and you have a nightmare (sorry, flashbacks)

Calontir's tri-level criteria for European dance:

For Choreography:

for  Middle Eastern

This is probably not the place to go into it, but I would not advise the
trilevel system for choreography (and would toss is out if it were up to
me.) The thought of  "novice" choreography gives me the willies.  Since I
wouldn't/couldn't write out the criteria, they cut and pasted from the
"standard".  Very entertaining if you want to look.

hack dance musican,
Southern Calontir

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