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Philip -

Squires is being set up in a non-traditional fashion this year, and will not
be a dog-and-pony-show as it has in the past.  We are hoping to find a way
to hold all the competitions in a more period feeling fashion.  For example,
the heraldry test will be included in the list:  When they call pairings,
they will be blazoning the devices rather than calling names.  So far, there
have been no good suggestions for how to make the dance competition seem
less like a competition and more like a ball.  I wouldn't have thought to
ask for help here, until you mentioned Squires!

Another conflict which we discovered is that Bjornsborg is having their Yule
Revel that weekend.  Of course, I would prefer for everyone to come to
Squires.  I hate missing Kingdom Dance because it is opposite a Loch event!


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> Greetings!
> I was looking at making up a bid for kindom dance for the first weekend of
> december.  It only conflicts with Squires at the Loch so far.  And I have
> least one site open for it.  I do not know when another clander event
> be possible.  What does everyone think?
> Philip
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